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Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

Utilizing "State of the Art" Equipment to Provide Quality Treatment


Our advanced, mobile ultrasound allows us to assist patients in the field without the hassles of cords, stands, extended time, and travel.  From Tendons to Reproduction.. our ultrasound can facilitate it all, allowing Dr. Bridges to be effective in the field with immediate and clear images.

Our Lameness Locator is new to the equine market and provides an analysis which indicates whether a horse is lame - objectively! It provides an amplitude of the severity of lameness. It shows which limb or limbs are involved, and the part of the motion cycle at which peak pain is occurring (impact, mid-stance, or push-off), providing Dr. Bridges with a "state of the art" tool in diagnosing lameness in acute, chronic, and pre-purchase cases.

Shockwave therapy has become a staple in a majority of lameness practices with equine veterinarians across the US and Europe – because it works. Shockwaves trigger the body's biologic repair mechanism by simulating trauma without causing trauma; they are a strong call-to-action signal. Essentially, shockwaves work by activating a horse's natural healing response and can be applied safely and easily without the risk of any side effects. We are so excited to have the best shockwave machine available in 2017 to treat our patients.  We have seen great success and look forward to treating many new horses in the coming year.

Power Dental Equipment has allowed Dr Bridges to be mobile and cordless.  He can provide superior dental care which is effective! It's is easier on the horse and the doctor while providing extended time between floatings.  We are proud to carry the full line of Powerfloat equipment to allow Dr Bridges to effectively treat each tooth as needed.

Online Scheduling

From preventative care to elective procedures, scheduling can be a challenge. Our scheduler is designed to help make it easier. Click here to schedule your next visit.  If you have an emergency please call us!

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Lifestyle Indicator

It can be challenging to figure out vaccines and preventative care for your horse. Every horse is special and unique. We have designed this Lifestyle Indicator to simplify things and help you get on the right track!

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Prescription Refill Requests

Prescription refills can be frustrating and time consuming. We want to make it easy for you!  When it's time to get a prescription refill, save yourself a phone call.  Your refill is just a click away!

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Premium Care

When it comes to your horse, you want the best.  Platinum Performance meets the needs of all ages, disciplines, & breeds.  Their premium vitamin & mineral supplements exceed the rest.  Click here to find the best blend for your horse.

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